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My third Nissan logo 9/9/2015

This is my third 2nd gen Nissan. I had a 06 Xterra (same platform) with 186000 trouble free miles on it. I traded for a loaded 12 pro4x xterra. I put 35000 miles on that in 1 yr. Now to the Frontier. I traded off the xterra as I needed to haul cans of gas and diesel for work. My first experience is the truck is a little more bouncier than the xterra but not bad at all. gas mileage is less on the fronty as well. I avg about 18 on the fronty where 20 was the norm on the X. I'm Mr. cruise control and I keep a fuel record. I like everything about the fronty so far and the 8 way seat makes a long haul a non issue. I'm 49 and 6' 225 muscular build and I feel fine behind the wheel. I just wish they would add a telescoping wheel to the list on the next gen. as well as the diesel. I haven't had the chance to off road the frontier but I am sure it is as capable as the Xterra and it was quite the mountain goat. I have hauled my ZRX1200R a couple of times in the bed. Although it is a little short the rail system is awesome. I also have towed my M109R on my Kendon trailer and it pulls with ease. Probably around 1200 pounds. I did notice some mileage drop off though, which I never saw on the xterra while pulling my bike. I would also like to add that these trucks hold their value well . So in closing these are some things I would like to see on a new generation.1. Bring on that diesel. I just came back from the Dominican republic and they have a diesel. What engine I don't know2. Telescoping steering wheel3. Keep the truck looking like a truck and not a damn crossover vehicle4, Update the interior materials. get rid of the super easy to scratch plastics and find a softer version 5, A better center rest and better door arm rest please

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