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my time not having to buy a used car logo 3/31/2015 dean40

This is the first time i have bought a new car in my 25 years of driving and i like it a lot. The car has a solid feel and i look forward to the reliability and low cost maintenance i have experienced with previous Hondas. I chose the civic coupe ex auto for my 30 mile work commute, so far the best combined fuel mileage is 33mgp. I am sure this will get better as traffic eases up during the summer here in az.

Favorite Feature : i love the layout of the coupe, everything is well placed and easy to see and operate. With the 2 screens and the two tier dash it almost feels futuristic. The Honda lane watch is the coolest feature in this car. I like the digital readout for the mph, but i know the other cars can see when i am going 80(which it does very smoothly)

Suggested Improvement : i really wish the stereo sounded better. Its rated at 360 watts, but my toyota tacoma with a 200 watt JBL system sounds much better than this system. And maybe a little more get up and go on acceleration would be nice, like adding an SI model with an automatic would be alot more fun to drive. All in all though i would recommend this car to anyone shopping for a new car that wants a car that has lots of standard features, is good on gas, and is cheap to maintain and holds its value.

Average Rating : 4.625


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