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My umpteenth VW and probably the best yet! logo 6/17/2017 JGage

My first car was a '71 beetle and I've been drinking the Wolfsburg kook ade ever since. I've had an odd Camry or Accord in there, even a couple Audis and the awesome 2002 VW Passat W8 wagon. I have a '14 BMW 335i M Sport at the moment. Awesome car. Yet I find myself enjoying driving the Golf (5M has a lot to do with that) as much as the Bimmer in everyday driving. Quality is fantastic as are features, ride, handling, acceleration, drivability. I worried I'd miss the 6th gear my last '12 Sportwagen TDI had but truth is I was often skipping gears in that car anyway, especially 5th--just shifted straight from 4-6. Even in this car there's easily enough power to go from 3-5. And 3rd gear is more useful than ever before. Would a 6M help 0-60? Probably. But 5 gears in everyday driving is plenty. Even a little less taxing. Anyway for the money (I got mine for just over $19,200 excl TTL) so considering that is less than 1/3 what the Bimmer was brand new, this car is a bargain.Update--I'm still satisfied with this car in every way. It still looks, drives and feels like new with 12K miles. I also find myself driving this car 6/7 days over my Bimmer as I just really enjoy it (and like keeping miles off the Bimmer.) Also keep in mind the extraordinary value... the Wolfsburg Edition offers virtually all of the SE features for several thousand less. Finally, one thing I didn't realize I'd appreciate as much as I do is the collision avoidance. The car has warned me a few times of some close-calls and it was spot on. One time it even braked for me when a dog ran in front of me!

Average Rating : 5


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