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My very fist car (Grand Am Se 2001 4 sp auto) logo 7/16/2015 Reinaldo

I bought this car used in January 2012 for $ 950 and 176660 miles. It was what I could afford. turn signal switch worked when it wanted to. With ZERO mechanic skillsThe AC started working after the Ac relay was replaced under hood and has never quit working. As a maintenance tip, I run the AC for several minutes in winter time for proper system lubrication. Replaced tranny fluid at 182 K. Right after that I made a trip from Phoenix to Kansas City and back (2460 miles) and got 32 mpg. I replaced the factory fuel pump at 210 K ( $ 58 on Ebay). After several ten minutes waiting for passlock system restart, finally I bypassed. Breaks were replaced with ceramic pads (do not used semi-metallic ones ) and it´s been two years now and no problems. I went ahead and replaced timing chain, water pump and thermostat as a preventive maintenance last year at 218 K, but I was not having any problems with them. Never had random lights on dash but whenever I see Service Vehicle Soon, it means there is a blown bulb or fuse. My only complaint: rough idle but with almost 223 k miles I guess it has given me a lot for the money.

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