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My wife's luxury ride is better than expected! logo 6/18/2016 Peter

This 2013 300h is a great luxury car. My other car is a Porsche Twin Turbo, and yes the 300 h is only a 8 second car to 60 and the Twin Turbo is a 4sec car, but the 300h really handled well in sport mode on a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. It is a great highway cruiser, has averaged 37 plus mpg over the 25000 miles we have driven it and does everything you could ask of a great family sedan! Service and maintenance have been very low, virtually nothing. Knowing both what I have learned about Lexus and Toyota, I would have bought the Toyota Avalon hybrid, as the 300h and the Avalon were jointly developed and the drive trains are identical! The Avalon is slightly less expensive and more importantly, the service on the Avalon is free, whereas ou pay for the Lexus service after the first free service!!!Our 300h now has 33,600 miles and is still averaging 37 mpg! We cannot find anything wrong with the car other than the fact that the rear seat back doesn’t fold down so that more luggage or longer items might be carried in the trunk! We do take the vehicle to the local Toyota dealer for oil changes only because the same service at the Lexus dealership costs more and the dealership is 50 miles away. Other than the aforementioned oil changes and checks,we haven’t spent a penny on the vehicle! Will put a new set of “low rolling resistance” tires in roughly another 5000 miles. Simply a great family sedan!!!

Average Rating : 5


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