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Navigation a deal breaker logo 5/16/2015 rambodrives

The inability to turn off Voice Guidance while navigating is a major blunder. I would return the vehicle if I could, especially since the response I got from Grant Noble at Subaru was "I cannot help you at this time". Seriously? He was "talking to the engineers" just today but no solution in sight! Not a tough fix, guys. Add an off button to the volume control. Also, my 8 year old Camry will navigate me home if I say "Home". Easy peasy. My Subaru requires 4 hand buttons or 6 commands to do the same thing. ET would still be pushing buttons if he traveled via Subaru. I hate this complaint, because I would love to ride in this car otherwise. But now I hate it because it will not shut up.

Favorite Feature : Gas mileage is fantastic if you drive lightly.Great Eyesight system!

Suggested Improvement : Add off button to voice guidance. Clean up voice commands for more intuitive operation.

Average Rating : 3


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