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Navigation System from hell. logo 12/8/2016 Roger Ramjet

The navigation system is a disaster. They should pay the buyers to allow them to install this expensive piece of junk in their cars. I am talking about the top of the line Infinity System. It took the sales guy 2 hours to set the home address so when you push the home button it will navigate you home. We, the owners still have no idea how to accomplish it as we have moved since he set it up. Programming in a destination is an adventure. We like to attend concert events and the software comes up blank in finding any of the venues. Program in a destination, and if anyone bumps the touch screen when its displaying the mapped route, the Nav system will reroute you to where ever you bumped the screen. I have had it reroute me into lakes, mountains with no access roads etc. Its ridiculous. It should splash a screen asking you to verify that you want to reroute your trip. Nope it just does it. Absolutely the most poorly programmed computerized system I have ever had the mis-fortune of buying. KIA!!! FIX IT AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE. The car its self is a great little car. Just leave the Nav system on their lot and buy a more basic model. Nav/Infinity Stereo is a $4000 option. Any Garmin is an improvement over this electronic disaster.

Average Rating : 3


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