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Never again will I buy a VW logo 8/24/2015 Mark

Car was okay until 90K miles. The turbo on the diesel grenaded, causing not only all the damage in the turbo, but also the exhaust system (which had been redesigned and you had to buy the newer version). Very expensive repair. Asked VW to help, but there comment was that it was out of warranty, your on your own. The car was three years old at the time. They also made the comment that I had put a lot of miles in a short time. Really, a diesel should be good for 300K+. At 140K miles, radiator starts leaking, and was replaced. Radiator fan had to be replaced as it liked to run until it ran the battery down. Now one of the glow plugs needs to be replaced, one of the rear window regulators, and the electric steering is humming. With "dieselgate" now, the car is worth half than prior, and VW seems to be more concerned with saving their hide then customers. They don't even seem to really get it that the chicanery they did really is not justified because superior german engineering could not come up with a solution that was within their price point for producing the car.

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