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Never Again!!! logo 7/28/2015 luis

I saved up for more than 3 years to buy a car. I bought this one at a auction for about 3k4 and it was the worst choice so far. The car turned off of on me the next day. I changed the alternator thinking that was the problem. Not! I got stranded a couple more times. Then I changed the tps sensor for 60 bucks. It was working fine up untill the next 2 days. Problems usually start when the car is warmed up. The engine wants to turn off, the revs drop, the car won't get the gas, and it might be a 4 cylinder but with this problem going on it is wasting gas like a 6 maybe even an 8 cylinder. Till this point idk what is the problem with the car. This car is just going to be a headache, just get a honda.

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