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Never again logo 4/3/2017 HECTIC13

I don't really know what model I had beyond a four for but I'm guessing it was the cheapest one. The plusses first. Boys love this car. Maybe it's the Transformers type design or the shiny red color, but I got a lot of compliments on this car for the week that I had it. But after a week of driving it and many hours behind the wheel I was really happy to get rid of it. I've driven a 2205 xB for the last 11 years so I will say the Elantra was quieter and had a smoother ride, but The visibility out of the elantra was really bad. At night it was worse because various parts of the interior reflected light that was distracting. Also a lot of glare from the windows. The acceleration and the brakes were inconsistent sometimes barely responding and sometimes over responding. Twice the car accelerated on its own when as far as I could tell I hadn't changed the pressure on the gas pedal. The bells and whistles were a 50/50 of good and bad. The stereo was decent and there was an aux port and an iPod port as well as a regular USB port on the passenger side. My biggest beef was that the interior light had to be controlled manually instead of coming on when the doors were opened. I would have easily traded the cruise control in favor of an automatic light. As to comfort, there wasn't any. The steering wheel had these weird lumps right at 10 and two that made the grip uncomfortable. The wheel was so small that trying to grip above the lumps put my hands at 11 and one with barely a couple inches between. There was no place to grip on the bottom half of the wheel. I tried various hand positions in an effort to be comfortable but by the end of the week my wrists and hands were aching. As to the drivers seat, it was pure torture. There was a metal framework that ran up the left side of the seat cushion that ground into my left hip socket. All the shifting position in the world couldn't let me escape it. By the end of my road trip I was nearly in tears. I'll take the noise and rough ride of my xB any day over the Elantra torture on wheels.

Average Rating : 2


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