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Never Again! logo 7/7/2016 David Ebert

Costumer support from General Motors in non existent. If the dealership can't give you an answer to your problem calling GM customer service will really deflate any confidence you have in GM. The engine shakes at idle. Answer shim the motor mounts. When that doesn't work check the shims. When that doesn't work maybe take a couple out. That is GM's answer. I loose 3 miles to the gallon on cruise control. Vehicle stays in V8 90% of the time even on flat surfaces. Last thing is I have memory seats that go back and the steering wheel raises when the vehicle is shut off. When I unlock the door to enter the seat goes to my driving position before entry making it difficult to get in. If I get in with the door unlocked the seat stays in the exit position so when you drive off you have to fumble with the buttons near the floor in the dark and hold the #1 until the seat returns to the drive position. Sorriest excuse for a car company. Never went foreign but I think it is time.

Average Rating : 2


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