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Never another Subaru don't ever buy this car logo 8/11/2015 H8tingsubaru

We had a 2014 Forester, after about a year wanted to get some upgrades. After some looking we decided to stay with the forester and get a 2015. Now after only 13k miles and 8 times in the dealer tech has come to this conclusion on 2 issues. Issue 1. Our ac fan will not stay on high for more than a couple mins. They have said the car is not designed to have the fan on high for min than a couple mins. From there on it will cycle from high to about every 2 seconds. Really!! It gets better. Issue #2. When you step on the gas the car will not go over 15 or 20 mph for about a quarter to half mile. I am told that I should not expect the car accelerate continuously. Due to the cvt I should let my foot off the gas for about 10 seconds then try to accelerate again. I have nearly been in 4 accidents, I am going guess in the near future there are going to a lot more problems. And of course the bucking and rough idle normal too. This car is junk. Do not buy it.

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