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Never buy another logo 5/26/2015 superdave99

Bought this 2014 Kia Forte 5 new, Now has 15,xxx miles on it. We have had to the shop several times. Antifreeze fumes blowing out of dash vents 5 times, Had gas fumes out of dash vents twice, 3 times it smelled like a overcharged battery that has been boiling. Wife left one day for work and when I went to the garage to get in my old chevy truck the garage recked the battery smell. It burns your eyes and throat and nose. Getting ready to take back to the dealer again. If they wont trade us out of it. It will be going back again and again and again. Also been having issues with engine missing at a stop sign or light in gear.

Favorite Feature : To disappointed at this time

Suggested Improvement : To disappointed at this time

Average Rating : 3.125


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