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Never buying another Chrysler! logo 9/13/2015 Marlena

I bought my 2015 Jeep Wrangler at the end of May. The day after receiving the car the engine light came on. I brought it to the dealer that weekend. The code was for a knock sensor but they only cleared the code and sent me home. Within a few days the light was back on. This time they replaced the PCM. I returned with the light on again a week or so later and they finally replaced both knock sensors since this was always the code that was being thrown. I was able to use the car this time for almost two weeks and I was finally thinking it had bee fixed, when the light came on again. (still the knock sensor). The dealership called STAR and was told to replace the electrical harness, which they did, but that too did not fix the problem. I have taken the car in a total of 8 times in 3 and a half months. It probably would have been more, but for a period of time I was not bringing it in when the light went on, but instead trying to work with Chrysler myself. This too was a waste of time. I have filled out the paperwork for the lemon law and have now begun arbitration. For this process I am expected to bring it in to the dealership for a final chance at fixing the problem. If they could not do it on the first 8 times, what makes them think they will do it on the 9th? What happens after this? I don't know. Although, I do like the Jeep, I am really over all of this and at this point I feel that I would never purchase another Chrysler Vehicle. I can only hope that they will change my mind about their company by standing behind their product and pledge to a satisfied customer, and make things right!

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