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Never dreamed I'd own a Kia! logo 5/12/2015 ffc27

Pros:I wanted an SUV with leg room (I'm 5'11) and enough room for my 4 year old in her car seat to have enough leg room. The Sorento does not disappoint!! It's rare when I have to move my seat forward to drive comfortably, and in the Sorento, I have to do just that! I also wanted decent MPG and AWD. Hard to find in the same vehicle. I've gotten as good as 26.9 MPG on the freeway pushing 80 MPH through a whole tank. I average 20-21 MPG in town. Cons:-The 4cyl is gutless-Third row is not an aftermarket option - I got this car with hopes of adding because AWD and 3rd row are hard to find. -headlights could afford to be brighter. The line where the light ends is frustrating.

Favorite Feature : -AWD-excellent fuel economy-tall driver friendly-tall passenger friendly, even in the back seat!-cargo space in floor-6 speed trans is pretty great-LATCH system on both sides of car in back seat-turns like a car, I love the turning radius! -handles great in the hills

Suggested Improvement : -head lamps need to shine a bit higher/farther-make 3rd row an aftermarket option

Average Rating : 4.75


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