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Never thought I would consider a brand new car... logo 7/16/2015 dj

Let me start by saying I thought I would never ever own a brand new car. Not because I can't afford it, I just didn't see the value...until Honda released this wonderful gem. I thought it was time for an automatic, and like a few others I was drawn to the design, cargo space and ride of the Mazda CX-5. But I wasn't sure I needed slightly extra height/width and engine power, and I also owned a civic for years so I was drawn to Honda's reliability and headache free maintenance. I do try to hypermile when I can, so when I saw the HRV had a manual it became a reasonable contender. I test drove it, and it shifted like warm butter (that's a good thing). So I started analyzing all other differences between these cars and I decided the Honda had nothing more and nothing less than exactly what I need in an SUV. Both my cars now fit in the garage nicely with plenty of room and I will never have to worry about finding a big enough parking spot. On top of all that the MPG could almost be overlooked, but is definitely a nice bonus that reminds me I made a good choice.If you're coming from a higher/wider vehicle into the HRV you will probably feel cramped at first, but strangely with the cargo versatility (Seats that fold completely flat and magic seats) it feels like the same size as a larger size SUV. Comfort for me was fine, I'm not doing cross country trips and if I did it would be in a rental. My wife and I tested that we can both lay down in the back comfortably (5'9" and shorter), which will come in handy... we're taking it to the drive-in this weekend :)There's not much I don't like, but I'll reserve judgment on the thin cloth on the door uppers. I am concerned about it's durability, as I like to put my elbow there when I drive. Other than that, I really wish the call button on the steering wheel triggered Siri like the EX model, but the LX model had almost everything I needed so couldn't justify the upgrade.

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