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Never thought that I fell in love with this car logo 7/5/2015 francesco3

So I had everything From Lotus to Porsche M cars Audis I wanted to spend and I 80s low 90s I was considering to buy used. Ferrari f430 or lambo or brand-new zo6 i'm sorry on the zo6 all you buying is the engine All I can remember by looking at that car is Scooby Doo So let's set everything on the side and talk about the GTR What can I say it's everything you wanted from the car the minute you step on the gas It's quick it's fast handles excellent And it draws a lot of attention I was surprised I thought my Lotus Esprit Draws lot attention this car your celebrity whatever you go this car has a lot of respect more than you think I love it!!!!! You step on the gas he goes were supposed to go Straightahead so what you got here is an exotic muscle car and track car The only car I can think of we can do the same or better is the 911 Turbo S Which I love two So by this car with confidence And let's not even talk about when you tuning this car she becomes an animal around 600 to the wheels and 600 pounds of torque and around 650 with E 85 torque

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