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New but not improved logo 6/16/2016 CPT Robert Auch RN

New but not improved. The engine, transmission, and body remain the same which is good. However some smaller items have been changed. Duel climate control is only on the Limited version and higher. Grab handles for assist into the cab are no longer there. The two glove boxes is now one. The flip open pen holders in the door front doors are gone. Most notable the rear seat used-to slide forward and lean back for rear passenger comfort and sleep. Also the rear seatback no longer leans forward to allow storage behind the rear seat. The area behind the old seat allowed for storage of overalls, tools, jacket, boots and even a fishing rod. The small space below the new rear seats provide much less storage. Exteriorly the bumper now is a three piece bumper versus previous one piece solid bumper. Many of these smaller changes save cost of production and probably don’t influence sales. It’s good Toyota is finding ways to reduce cost of production however the cost savings doesn’t appear to be passed onto consumers. I would still recommend Toyota for its reliability. Luckily I don’t have to replace my old truck yet. Maybe the next truck will be new and improved. One area of improvement could be larger A/C indicator lights. Right now the indicator lights including park and drive often need to be shadowed to be seen. Another improvement could be to change the angle of the windshield. Remember old trucks with nearly straight up windows? The straight angle was for a purpose, to reduce interior heart and glare. CPT Robert Auch RN

Average Rating : 4


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