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New owner of acura logo 8/29/2015 Ann

this is my first Acura. Always drove Honda Accord. Bought the Tsx Special Edition. Like the kool wheels. This car is nice. Except it needs a keyless entry and ignition. Acura really dropped the ball here. Most luxury cars in year 2012 have this feature. Also, arm rest for driver could reach forward a bit further.Leather feels so thin, it appears to be vinyl. Ive been assured it is indeed genuine leather, but gee, not like the leather they used to put on cars!Glad i got the 6 sp standard transmission, fun to drive. Trunk space seems small, compared to Honda accord. Also, no pass thru from trunk, into rear seats. Other features are ok. But for the price, Acura dropped the ball on a few key items. Hate the sight lines- we had to remove rear head rests to better view put the back. The car sits low and it is hard to see outnthe windows. Honda Accord and CRV had far superior sight lines. Also, arm rest does not extend far enough for driver to rest arm on it while driving- bad design. Why is gear knob covered in metal? This gets too hot in smmer sun, and too cold in winter freeze, making it v uncomfortable to touch, 80% of time-- Bad design, again. We switched it out for a leather gear shift cover. C'mon Acura, devil is in the details. Acura missed the boat in several areas of detail on this car!Also, im NOT USING PREMIUM GAS, despite the recommendation by Acura to do so. After 3 years and 30,000 mi., it seems to be doing fine on regular gas. ANY OPINIONS ON THIS? Let me hear your thoughts.Thank you ,Ann

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