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New owner - one week review logo 4/3/2017

First off, this is a STRIPPER model. No frills, base model with very few options. BUT.... what all do you need? Power windows and locks? check. Cruise? check. AC? check. Audio system? check. What else do you really need? I'm 50 and can remember when all the above was OPTIONAL stuff. Coming from different vehicles, I can say this vehicle works. It isn't super fast. It's a Crossover. Do I really need to sub 6 second 0 - 60 times? No. The audio is simple to use. It even has a TUNING knob. Does it have nav? Nope. but that's a hassle anymore if you have a smart phone. Google Maps is always updated. The Tucson is showing 27 mpg after the first week. Pretty good I think. Not the best, not the worst. And we live in hilly area at base of mountains, so 27 is pretty good in mixed driving. I do miss the power seats of my previous vehicles. Especially as my wife & I change drivers. The seat is not the most comfortable, but hoping as it wears in, will be less aggravation. It's good looking, practical transportation. No more, no less.

Average Rating : 4


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