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New Pony is a real treat logo 7/22/2015 Robert

So I loved it from the beginning, but then I’m from Europe and would prefer a slim, elegant vehicle over a box on wheels, especially one that looks this great and has a powerful engine with manual transmission at a price that only gets me a third of an equally powered Mercedes-Benz AMG of BMW M series.Some people may decry the morphing of the new Mustang look from retro Americana to sleek James Bond, but I think it remains the icon, only with a style and driving dynamics that finally caught up to discerning global tastes at a value proposition that’s simply unbeatable. How the folks at Ford can give us this much power at $40k, I don’t know.While its appeal should be global, the car still attracts traditional muscle car enthusiasts. Random guys on motorbikes and other sporty vehicles have shadowed me lately and some drove alongside the Mustang to check it out, to then accelerate and pass with a thumbs-up. By far the most impressive part is the handling, my Recaro seats hold me tightly when cornering, and the Pirellis push the dangers beyond my own driver limits. Acceleration is smooth and seems to redline way too early, a beautiful transmission is a pleasure to shift, the responsive steering has three settings from comfort to normal to sports mode, and the sound of the 8cyl is aggressive enough to make me smile every time I push the start button.Only thing I regret is getting the performance package. It requires a much smoother surface than Michigan roads can provide.

Average Rating : 4


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