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New to Infiniti logo 7/10/2015 Greg

When we looked at new cars in 2013, we were interested in the G37, but found that the Q50 had just been introduced. It had all of the options we wanted (AWD, strong power, look of luxury) so we opted for the new model instead of the outgoing G model. Overall the car is great with the exception of electronic systems that are the center piece of the interior. I have never seen a car's systems take so long to come online. Once you start the car, at best, all of the radio functions will finally become available after about 30 seconds to a minute. Also (and I find this to be hazard that Infiniti should fix), the back-up sensors and grid also take about 30 seconds to a minute to become available. When you are in a crowded shopping area and your first action when leaving is to back out of the parking spot, all safety systems should be immediately available. Our other car's (not an Infiniti) backup systems, radio and all other electronics are immediately available at the turn of the ignition. Even when the electronics are available, the Q50 has several glitches. When we first got the car, the radio would "freeze", meaning once you turned to a station, you could not switch stations or even turn the volume down without stopping the car, turning it off and restarting. I think they finally fixed that issue with one of the several updates, but we still have glitches in the radio and controls from time to time. I think the Q50's navigation system is significantly better than the one in our other car and is extremely user-friendly and easy to use while driving.Overall a good car with impressive power, comfort and other features, but as a new model, it has some needed improvements that likely will not be available for another model year or two. Will consider another one when we look again, but will also explore the competitors again as we are not 100% sold.

Average Rating : 4


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