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New to me 2010 Titan SE King Cab 2wd logo 8/11/2015 Scooter

I picked this up used about 3 weeks ago after an extensive search for a used truck. At first I didn't even consider the Titan as I heard about it getting such terrible fuel mileage. Luckily the Dodge Ram I purchased used was a POS ( several check engine lights in ten days of ownership, never again Dodge!) and the dealer let me bring it back and trade it on this Titan and only lost very little. Well the only truck they had that was in my price range and full size was the Titan. After driving it and feeling the power I was hooked. Also what impressed me was how tight this truck is even with 85k miles on the speedo. So far I'm averaging about 450-475 miles per tank which is crazy good in my book for a full size V8 truck. I like the Bluetooth system, very easy to set up. She drives straight, sits up high and the cast seats to me are very comfortable. The cup holders could be deeper but that's minuscule. The only weird issue I have is when I use the one touch auto up for the passenger window it'll go all the way up and drop back down about 3 inches. It'll go all the way up if I just hold the button for it to go up. It seems to be a well documented issue on the Internet with these. I however have not found a solid solution. i do gets little bit of a clunk when taking off but I'm told it is axle wrap and somewhat normal for these. The exhaust system on the Titans is junk though, not stainless and I had to replace a section of pipe already. My truck originally spent its life in Texas so the frame and all aren't even rusted. I was planning on replacing the exhaust with a dual cutback system anyhow so no harm no foul. Even with these few little issues I absolutely love this truck. I've owned Silverado's and Rams mostly and they can't hold a candle to this Titan. I'm hoping to get a good long life out of this truck. I do love how the rear doors on the King Cab open 160 degrees. Makes it very nice for passengers and cargo like flat screen TV's...slides right on in. Head room in this thing is amazing, very spacious. The engine is my favorite part, it growls and I have to say is so much quicker than any of the past trucks I've owned. It pulls strong and you will find yourself gunning it to see what happens. It'll put a smile on your face and may even scare ya a bit,lol. I came from driving a Hemi and that thing seems anemic compared to the 5.6 V8 in this truck. Nissan has won me over. I'm 46 and this is my first foreign vehicle in the 30+ vehicles I've owned in my life. Not sure I'll ever go back to domestic brands.

Average Rating : 5


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