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New Toyota guy logo 4/25/2016 Steve Machalek

Prior to owning a Toyota sienna I owned a Honda Odyssey for 11 years. There was always one thing that bugged me about my 2005 Odyssey. There was a whistling noise that came through the front defroster vents when driving at high speeds. I learned to live with it. Other than that the car was fantastic. I am now the owner of a 2016 Toyota Sienna XLE 8 passenger. The car has been great. I like the look of the vehicle and it is comfortable and handles well. I did notice one thing on this car that bugs me and I guess I'm going to have to live with it. Every time I go over a bump there is a squeaking noise that comes from the rear drivers side seat. I assume it happens because the 8th seat is not connected although I haven't checked that out yet. 99 percent of the time I will not be using the extra seat. To be honest both the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey are about the same. The reason I went with the Toyota Sienna was the outside appearance of the car and the interior layout. Plus I think the idea of putting a vacuum it the Odyssey was a stupid idea. Waste of space. In the Sienna you can store the extra seat in that space so you don't have to bring it in and out of the car when you want to use it.Update to Review: This weekend I put the 8th seat (jump seat) in the car. Squeaking stopped. I'm not that happy that I'll have to listen to all that squeaking since I usually do not leave the extra seat in place. Anybody else have the same issue?

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