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Nice 09 Accord LX-P logo 4/28/2016 rjb

I tend to buy cars and run them for many years and for 200k + miles. I did a lot of research and was concerned about the 4cyl using oil as that complaint was reported by some 08-09 owners but in 3k miles I haven't used a drop. Seats are comfortable and handling is good. It's just a 4 cyl so don't expect great performance. It's geared right so even going up hills it rarely downshifts. Honda tends to build good cars and this is no exception, even though it's already 7 yrs old, everything is tight, no rattles. I drive 25 mi to work every day and get about 30 mpg. Only thing I don't like is there's no outside temp. display, seems odd that was left out. When going shopping, which is a 45 min drive, the whole family wants to take the Accord because it's the most comfortable car we have, compared to the 08 Highlander...

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