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Nice car for the money logo 9/3/2015

I paid $18,500 for the manual 4wd sport version. I opted for the all weather capability package and the 3 tow hooks look great on the bumper. I also got A/C . Nice car for the money. The cheapest Patriot is only $3000 more than the cheapest car in America ( Nissan Versa) . I got the Patriot in Eco Green and it really stands out. All I ever see is black,white red or blue Patriots . Eco Green looks really nice.The Patriot has a silky smooth manual transmission and shifts really well. The critics say the Patriot is underpowered. I get more power with manual. The manual version cost $6000 less than the automatic version. Glad I learned how to drive manual ! I would never pay $6000 extra to get the automatic version. It's not worth it. The interior is really nice. Nothing fancy. Lots of plastic and that's good. It'll last. The seats are comfortable and adjust well . The windows are kind of small and visability is reduced somewhat. I'll get use to that. The version I got has crank windows and manual locks. I hate automatic windows because you have to turn the key to make them work when the engine is off. With AC , how many times do you open windows ? Just another thing that might break down. The instrument panel looks really nice and the steering is great . The car drives really well and there's no rattles when you drive on rough roads. I got all weather mats with the All weather capability option. The mats are so so . I thought the mats would cover the whole floor area . These mats are cheap. The tow hooks are definatly worth it. It looks really Jeep . Every Jeep should come with tow hooks. Plenty of headroom ! I'm 6 foot six and the roof is 3 inchs above my head. Leg room is good in the front. If the front seats are all the way back I can still squeeze into the back seat if I spread my legs to each side of the seat. A shorter family will do just fine. My only complaint , Chrysler changed the powertrain warranty . The 2015 model had 5 years/100,000, the 2016 model has 5 years/60,000 . That change irritated me. I expected 5 years /100,000 miles. Glad I bought the Jeep Patriot.

Average Rating : 5


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