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Nice Car- Unless you have a BABY logo 8/24/2015 Carrie

This is a good car- except that it sacrifices function for design. C'mon Subaru- We like you because of your functional cars! I bought it because unlike my Forester, it has enough leg room for my husband in the front when the child seats are in the back. I like it because it drives good, it looks good, it's all wheel drive, it has reasonable gas mileage, and has decent cargo space. If it weren't for the leg room issue, I would stay with the Forester, which I think has a much better design. I am writing this review because it has two features which annoy me to no end. 1. The shape of the rear door/window makes it near impossible to buckle a child in and out of a rear-facing child seat. My poor baby has sustained more bumps to the head getting in and out of the carseat than I can count. 2. The seatbelt chime is about to drive me over the edge- and I'm an avid seatbelt wearer. It also has several features which definitely get the thumbs down. 1. The slant of the front door/window makes it very awkward to get into the front seat. 2. There is very little storage space in the front. 3. The control panel for air & heat are not nice and straight-forward like those on the more basic subarus without dual climate control. 4. The rear cargo area is limited by the inward slope of the rear windshield. Of all of these complaints the only one that I feel is actually important is the rear-facing child seat issue. For me it is the deal breaker. I've still got a few years of rear-facing child seat use ahead of me, and as much as I hate to do it, I am now looking for a new car.

Average Rating : 4


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