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Nice car wrapped around stinky infotainment logo 6/13/2016 Ken

Nowadays, the infotainment system is a key part of the car. I've got the latest generation (2016 Outback - Limited) system. It reeks of promise and delivers none. In fact, IT IS A ROAD HAZARD. Fiddling with the phone and the infotainment system will definitely cause frustration and I predict accidents. You can see glimmers of hardware capability. For instance, the AM radio has dynamic IF bandwidth control. (If the signal is good, the audio bandwidth opens up and sound much better.) But then alas, the software overcompensates for ruining the experience. For instance:L 1. Bluetooth gets confused and does not properly function. 2. The "tone control is bass, mid and treble" (should have been a full equalizer) 3. The APPS are trite and not updated. There are only 6 of them. 4. Mirrorlink offered promise, but their offerings miss the mark. Certainly not lastly, a phone screen CANNOT be cast onto the infotainment screen.I complained to the President of Subaru. He pushed it off on to a lower management person, who, (accolades to him) called me on the phone to resolve the issues. After our discussion, he said the radio software would not achieve the things we discussed for 2 years. He explained that new apps would be released April 15, 2016. None did. I'd really like my money back. So, if you are looking for a car and infotainment is important. Shop elsewhere for the next 2 years. (I'd give it three, based on the tardiness of releasing simple apps.)

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