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Nice car logo 9/1/2015 Jim

I live in a rural area and a full size vehicle plays a vital role for a number of things, specifically safety. Wildlife tend to be suicidal. Winter tends to over stay it's welcome and the number of big rigs on the road out number the little ones by a huge amount. I researched many of the full to mid-sized sedans. I wanted and need a few specific things, such as 4 doors, sporty feel, sporty look but didn't destroy my gas bill too bad. I looked at the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, then the Accord, Toyota and BMW's. For the money, hands down the Charger took the cake. The Camaro and Mustang were hard to pass up but for the value, it just didn't do it for me plus I wanted 4 doors. The mid-size cars just didn't provide much more for a few miles to the gallon. They had a tinny feel and were too compact feeling. The Charger is a spunky, responsive and comfortable car that also turns heads; all under 30K. Coupled with the warranty's, it was hard to beat.

Average Rating : 4


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