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Nice Comfortable Turbo Crossover logo 8/12/2015 Carguy

We have a 2011 RDX base a driver,very comfortable seats,easy to read gauges nice panoramic view with low dashboard... easy to get in and out.. a blast to drive when you spool the Turbo,lots of torque but beware if you keep spinning the tires (burnouts) front driver side axles might go out easily, you would notice a vibration on low speed acceleration,will go away when coasting... this problem is only on FWD models between 50-70k miles when ABUSED(easyfix) You NEED to use synthetic engine oil religiously on schedule for the turbo bearings and seals to last long (all turbo engines) ..otherwise you will start to have leaks from your turbo. You just have to be mindful of your scheduled maintenance and not to abuse it's power otherwise with over 90k miles now we love our RDX no problem whatsoever.....with a small growing family moving to the burbs we sold our Lancer EVO and Subaru WRX for an RDX and an RX.... I would recommend the RDX to my family and get a lot of car for your money. This is the ONLY Acura that the Shield front grill is actually functional as an air intake hood scoop for your top mount intercooler. If you are buying a used RDX make sure you check it's history,all original stock meaning no modification has been done,if buying from a private party it is worth to pay a 3rd party to inspect the mechanical condition of the car,if buying from a dealer make sure you can get an extended warranty.. Since the Turbo RDX is no longer in production and if you do not want a used vehicle the KIA Sportage SX (SX ONLY) would be a good car to consider ....... Thanks for reading... Happy Motoring!

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