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Nice concept but still a Hyundai logo 9/5/2015

I bought a 2015 Genesis 3.8 after thinking for a long time. I never had a Hyundai before and honestly did not trust it as a reliable car. Initially the car performed well in all aspects but at 1k miles the driver seat started to vibrate and few more miles the steering wheel also started to vibrate. - First ServiceThe vibration just got worst and at the first service and some internet research I was asked to replace the tires due a Hyundai recall, which I did. Well, that did not fix the vibration issue but just made worst. I also opened a complain with Hyundai about the vibration.- Second visitI went back to the dealer and explained in details what was happening. They inspect and said that had to perform a tire balance as they were off.- Third visitVibration was still as before, specially around 50-60 miles. So, took it back to the dealer and again inspection more adjusts and nothing.- Fourth visitAt this point I was upset and did not want the car anymore. Went back to the dealer and asked them to trade in for another car or helped me fixed, even talked to the owner. He asked the service manager to ride my car which he did and even with the vibration he said it was normal. I told him that the loaner Genesis they gave did not have it and he should drive the loaner to compare it. He said the owner would take care of my issue. After almost 3 hrs seated at the dealer waiting for someone to talk to me I went to search for the owner again and ask what would happen. At that point the owner was busy and nobody could help me. So, I decided Hyundai never more and left to trade it for another trusted and reliable brand.

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