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Nice features but awkward interior logo 3/13/2015 djfunkywill

I replaced my Toyota Solara convertible with this Volvo C70. Despite similar horsepower, the Volvo seems to have quite a bit less pep. I bought this car because it is nice looking and Volvo's reputation for safety and longevity. Now that I've settled into the car, I've noticed that the interior is much smaller than my previous car. I'm an average size male and I've got my seat quite far back. Even this seat setting, I notice that my knuckles bump my leg when I make a turn. I couldn't imagine transporting anyone other than a child in the rear. It seems cramped on the inside but I hope to get used to it.

Favorite Feature : This car has the Dynaudio upgrade and it is nice. If you enjoy your music with volume and bass, this system does well. The HID headlamps make the night time seem like day although the bulb is about $100 to replace. Even though it is turbo, regular unleaded gas can be safely used.

Suggested Improvement : Interior is not only cramped, but awkward. Although there are two cup holders between the seats, there is nowhere to put change or set an electronic device except for a bizarre shelf that is actually below and behind the dash.

Average Rating : 3.75


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