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Nice Opel logo 4/25/2016 richard mckinnon

Visibility is very poor. Front window view is blocked by sensing equipment. Rear window visibility is about 2 feet by 10 inches. Forward collision alert is useless. It doesn't do anything? It should be stopping you, but doesn't. If I had to rely on the alert, I would have hit the object by the time I heard the alert. Same thing with Lane Departure Warning. It beeps if you drift into another lane? What is it's purpose? If there is a car then you've already hit it. I think Forward Collision and Lane Departure Alerts are a waste of money. Autonomous Cruise Control and Blind spot alert would have been a better option. There are no widow locks like there is on my Chrysler and the top down and window express down are on the console. My dogs are constantly rolling down my windows. There is very little storage space in the car. I thought my Chrysler Convertible was bad, this has 1/2 the storage. The engine has more power than I thought there would be. The turbo and 6 speed gives it plenty of pick up. I'm not impressed with the navigation system. The 6 year old technology on my Chrysler runs circles around the Buick. Voice recognition is useless with the top down. Love the Rainsense, Auto on/off headlamp control, and the climate control. Never have to touch them. Backseat pass through is great. Backseats are useless. Would have been better to make the car a 2 seater and add more storage space to the trunk.Car handles extremely well, reminds me of my Corvette. Nice car, I like it, but way over priced! I own 2 convertibles and my Chrysler is a lot more car for about $11,000 less. If your buying American, forget it. The transmission is made in Mexico, engine is made in Hungary, car is built in Poland and distributed from Germany. Its an Opel with Buick emblems. The car is a Vauxhall Cascada in the UK, a Holden Cascada in Australia, an Opel Cabrio in Spain, an Opel Cascada in the rest of Europe and a Buick Cascada in the U.S. and China. Same car different emblems. Overall I like it, but it needs some improvements as mentioned above.

Average Rating : 4


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