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Nice Ride needs a little more refining logo 8/10/2015 Michael

I bought this truck in April with 20 miles on the clock. Interior is a major set up from the 04. The touch screen info system takes a little getting use to but is not too complicated. The voice activation software need to be improved, takes several tries before system understands what you want. The setup in the G8 works very well, so GM should have it perfected by now. The WIFI hot spot was ok but not something I would use regular enough to keep. The resolution of the backup camera is good and I like the scaling on the display, keeps things in perspective. The ride is a little on the bouncy side and road noise is minimal. I have the 5.3L engine with trailering package. Power is good but transmission seems slow to shift when in town driving around 30mph. Have not had any service or equipment issues, only 4XXX miles mostly highway miles. My only true peeve is getting in. I did not get the step or rail so even with my 6'.2" frame I have to climb in but getting out is a breeze.

Average Rating : 4


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