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Nice SUV logo 6/13/2016 JVT

Only real gripe I have about the Sorento as equipped (LX FWD) are the low grip eco tires they put on it. Being in the snowbelt, I should have gotten AWD, but the Eco tires are horrible in even light snow. I'd expect an all season tire to at least get you moving when there's an inch and a half of snow on the ground. Not so much. I put some winter tires on and all is well again however. The Sorento is roomy and has great cargo room and some hidden under floor cubbies in the cargo area as well. Very handy when camping / moving and etc. I'm averaging around 26mpg which I'm happy with given the Sorento's size. The ride is smooth and comfortable, interior materials have solid fit and finish and are soft touch for the most part. IP and center stack are very legible and usable. Heated seats work well.Overall I'd say this is a solid soft roader SUV that has lots of cargo room and would recommend it.

Average Rating : 4


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