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Nice vehicle overall with the technology package. logo 6/6/2015 jmn5467

Bought mine new in early 2012 - it's an SV Premium with Tech Package (basically the most expensive sedan the Nissan dealer had on the lot). Overall I'd say I'm happy with no major problems, although this thing was expensive for a Nissan (paid somewhere around $35k). I am so happy I sprung for the tech package as I would have regretted not getting it.

Favorite Feature : The high-resolution info screen that comes with the tech packaage was reason enough for me to spring for the tech/nav (even though I rarely use the nav). In my mind, if I'm gonna look at this screen every single day I want it to be the high-res one and not the cheap looking one in the non-tech models (or the laughable "Atari" display in the base model). The Bluetooth audio and iPhone/iPod integration was nice for the year (pretty standard now).Cooled seat is fantastic. I leave it on all summer - I hate having a sweaty butt/back on leather seats and this is just the ticket for preventing that.Tech package stereo sounds great. One of the best sounding factory stereos I've heard.

Suggested Improvement : Wish the car was just a little bit bigger in all dimensions. Rear seat is fairly tight - fine for kids but if you routinely have adults back there (I don't) I wouldn't recommend this car.If I would have had the choice I would have not gotten the dual panel sunroof. I rarely open it and don't really like the flimsy cloth covers that cover the front/back sunroofs - they flop around if you have the windows open on a windy day. I thought about getting the Sport package (instead of premium) but that supposedly has a stiffer suspension which I didn't really want.My driver's seat did develop a small rip in it which I've taped. Unsure how it got there or if it's common.

Average Rating : 4.125


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