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Nicest Car I've Ever Had [almost] logo 6/17/2016 Tim R.

I bought the car from a small dealer's online ad and the dealer is 2 highway hours away from my home. The previous owner[s] had all services done at two Toyota dealers. My selling dealer had to have the front upper strut mount body metal reinforced due to heavy corrosion. The repair seems fine. The rear suspension was very noisy - constant clanking/knocking noises over any road surface. Had to drive the car all the way back for the dealer to inspect, and just before the drive test, and during it, the noise reached catastrophic levels - sounded like a jackhammer crew was bashing the underside to pieces. Dealer replaced both rear strut mounts and struts, and brake rotors and pads. I had the rear sway bar bushings replaced by my local Toyota dealer. The repairs left the car with mild clunking at times, but basically it's not too bad. I've had to replace the entire parking brake cable/shoe assemblies, but at 12 years, it's expected.The car otherwise is absolutely wonderful and I love it more as the weeks go by. The JBL stereo cassette and CD performance is superb. The lighting at night is great. Most people think it's a new car, and you can only tell its age from the driver's seat leather wear. I'd buy another in a heartbeat, but only a coupe. I think the convertible top is hideous when up. I do think having no lock cylinders in the right door and deck lid is dumb though.Two year report: I still feel exactly the same way. Noisy suspension at slow speed but everything else is wonderful.New report: Still love the car but that suspension noise does drive me nuts until I turn up the JBL stereo . . . Cassette, of course.

Average Rating : 4


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