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Nickle and Dime logo 4/6/2015 misterk5

I absolutely love the way the car drives. The handling and performance in snow are great. That being said, this car is an absolute nightmare for maintenance. Head gaskets, catalytic converter replaced and needs another catalytic converter because no one can figure out why the car is burning up catalytic converters. Have also replaced the coil pack, which was not cheap. I'm going back to Honda as soon as I can.

Favorite Feature : As said above, the car drives great. That's where it ends.

Suggested Improvement : How about making a reliable vehicle Subaru! Your vehicles are notorious for head gasket and catalytic converter failures and you do nothing to help your customers out. Repairs are thousands of dollars. I will never buy another Subaru product again. Toyota and Honda know how to make reliable vehicles, maybe Subaru should learn something from them.

Average Rating : 3


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