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Nickle and dimes you to bankruptcy! logo 3/24/2015 Scott Sells

This is probably one of the worst trucks ever made. I can't believe people have honestly rated it this high (I suspect Ford had a hand in this).Luckily I got this used after the spark plug problem. Cam phasers went at about 200kms, $2000+ to fix. $1700+ to replace the garbage driveshaft. Constantly replacing the tie rod ends and ball joints (again poor design by Ford - Not "Ford tough").The truck is enjoyable to drive, but it is a money pit, and as a Ford lover it is a HUGE let down.It will be a long time before I could ever consider buying a Ford again. They made a garbage truck and refused to stand behind it. I'll be looking for a Toyota or Honda next. Anything but Ford.

Favorite Feature : My favorite feature is the 300 or 400 kms I get to drive it before it needs major repairs again.

Suggested Improvement : What are "Cam phasers" anyway? Stop making them, stop putting them in trucks. Use quality parts, not the throw away cheap garbage Ford uses. Make the truck easier/cheaper to work on. $1000 brake job? $2000 cam phasers? etc etc etc. Owning this truck will nickel and dime you to death.

Average Rating : 1.375


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