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Nightmare to own, great to look at logo 6/16/2016 Richard Watson

If you buy one of these cars, DO NOT get the high-end version. The citadel trim level is plagued with problems and they just never quit. The dealerships are poorly prepared to repair the car. You will frequently leave your car with them for days only to hear that they can't find or recreate the problem - FYI, make videos with your cell phone - it helps your sanity. It won't make them recreate anything, but at least when they are telling you it doesn't do that, you can say "oh, but what would this be then..."In the first year of ownership, we wasted months between the dealership and Chrysler's Complaint line. Note that if you don't get the Chrysler complaint line involved early on, everything from the time you call them forward is a separate issue in their minds. At least 3 times in the first year, they rented us a car keeping our nice Durango for a middle of the line rental car, told us someone was flying out to look at it, waited for some part, returned the car to us, only to have it fail again! When it is working, it's a wonderful car. The rest of the time, it'll make you insane.

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