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Nightmare! logo 4/21/2015 guitardad777

Bought it when it had just 70K on it, and now at 75K it has had: TWO oil changes (leaking oil internally), Heater Coil replaced (no heat most of the "worst winter in HISTORY"), Thermostat replaced, Coolant/Coolant Housing replaced (it's now low again) has a very loud piston-slapping coming from engine (sounds like a diesel), and currently needs spark plugs (supposed to be changed at 120K) and an o2 Sensor. Not to mention the VERY soft paint (chips everywhere), the fact that it eats brake pads, and will most likely [non-permissible content removed] on me very soon (any day now). I am never buying a Lexus again, this car SUCKS!Lesson: I should have bought the Infiniti

Favorite Feature : Doesn't matter anymore.

Suggested Improvement : Take responsibility for this engineering nightmare

Average Rating : 2.375


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