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Nineth Honda and The Best so Far logo 7/30/2015 Jeff Bracken

I love this vehicle. It's been awesome in every way. I've owned nine Honda's (Accord, Prelude, 4 Civics and a Honda GL1800 Goldwing along with several other Honda motorcycles.) Of the Honda's I've owned over the years, this one is the pinnacle. It looks better, runs better, feels better and made better than the rest. Not only do I feel that way compared to the other Honda's I've owned, but all the American cars I've owned over the years as well as current vehicles priced tens of thousands of dollars more. This is a VERY practical vehicle that I'm proud of in terms of just how good it is made compared to others. Honda and Toyota are the elites of quality and longevity. The key here is "will this car still be running in 10-15 years?" With Honda or Toyota, you better believe it.On the mileage side, if "Ergo" mode is off, the engine is very peppy, but the mileage really goes down. However with "Ergo" mode on, my mileage has consistently been 31-33 MPG average. Almost as good as my 2006 Civic. My drive is mostly highway back and forth to work. However for an SUV that's great! Road noise is only an issue on grated pavement, otherwise it's pretty quiet and I have NEVER experienced any rough idle. Could have been an issue on the earlier year models. Honda has appeared to have fixed it on the production line if it was an issue. Mine is smooth as silk with over 1500 miles on it now. I also have a new Toyota Camry XLE with the 2.5L 4 and it's rougher than this CR-V. If you're used to the smoothness of a V6 or a V8 and you've just moved to a 4 cylinder engine, well it's pretty normal to have a slight rough idle. I've had Chevy 4 cylinders (Grand Am, Chevette and a Monza) as well that were a little rough at idle. This CR-V is extremely smooth for a 4.The interior quality is terrific and frankly much better than my earlier Honda's. I buy vehicles to last. Every Honda I've owned had well over 100K miles on them when I sold them. I usually keep a car 10 years and this CR-V is no exception. Oh, and when you go to sell Honda's, they usually take less than a day to sell on Craig's list. Not to mention you'll get top dollar too. :-)Here's to a long relationship with one of the best vehicles I've owned so far.

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