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Nissa does not care about CUSTOMER SAFETY! logo 4/25/2016 Bill Fitzgerald

2 years ago my passenger side front wheel fell off the wheel support structure. I was traveling 25mph and the car abruptly stopped dead in it's tracks, no rolling to a stop or skidding. 10 minutes later I would have been traveling 65mph heading to work & can imagine the potential for damage, injury, loss of life. The repair bill was $388. I contacted Nissan and requested that they reimburse me, after all this is a defect, wheels do not fall off. Nissan declined. In Jan 2016 I received a recall notice from Nissan indicating the the front wheel springs needed to be replaced because they were susceptible to corrosion due to the winter weather in the north east. The corrosion could cause the springs to fail and the wheel would fall off. I had Nissan replace the springs and sent them a letter with the $388 repair bill from 2014. After all, Nissan just admitted that the front wheels could fall off at any time! Nissan declined to pick up the tab for their wheel defect. During my conversation with the Nissan representative, I told them that Nissan does not care about customer safety. Nissan's refusal to reimburse me for the wheel structure defect repair enforces the point that Nissan does not care about customer safety. Any company which cared about customer safety would recognize their wheel structure defect and immediately take care of it. How many other unsuspecting Nissan owners are driving around in a vehicle in which the wheel could fall off at any time! Nissan does not care about customer safety!

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