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No all weather tires??? logo 4/3/2015 drdom80

I leased the 2014 Ghibli and what they neglected to tell me is that it doesn't have all weather tires. You need winter tires and summer tires. If the weather drops to 50 degrees or below, the tires sense the cold and cuts the fuel to the engine causing a severe "bucking" feeling when pulling onto a main road from a stop street. Masserati isn't doing anything about this issue and they have been the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with. I would not recommend Maserati to anyone. I call to speak with someone and all you get is a voicemail or they are always in a meeting. If you leave a message you're lucky if they call you back. Horrible customer service.

Favorite Feature : Engine sound on acceleration. Sleek look.

Suggested Improvement : All weather tires on all vehicles. Be upfront with the customers. They need better customer service for supposedly a high end company.

Average Rating : 4.125


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