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No Complaints on MPG logo 8/12/2015 Barry Skinner

The electronics are great but on-star is very costly added to XM radio it could cost over $55.00 per month. The front seat quit once and dealer replaced fuse, also dealer left seat cover on side hanging off, so not happy about that. Very comfortable ride. Not fast if you are looking for sports car performance but I pass people easily enough, just have to allow more room than say a turbo boosted engine. As for the mileage I average 29 mpg which is great and I have gotten 37 mph for a 50 mile average. All in all I am pretty pleased with my Equinox 1 LT which has back up camera, power driver seat, 7" touch screen, 4G internet, navigation, satellite radio, remote start, and a lot of other features, just no fog lamps, but I only paid 26,000.00 out the door price and it had only 1500 miles on this demo.

Average Rating : 5


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