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no disappointments logo 6/16/2016 wyoscotto

been driving a tech package car for 4 months with no regrets. Paid 4K over MSRP but picked up in 1 week and feel like I stole it now! Planned on a 911 as my mid life crises car until I saw this one, and it may well be the better machine. Very easy to drive daily, addictive exhaust sound, excellent trans, brakes and interior, and the only downside to this car(reaching here) is the 15 MPG I average in city diving. I am sure 16-18 would be possible with short shifts and restraint, but I would need earplugs and maturity, which is not realistic for me. Ford dealer was fantastic, 200 miles away, and honest enuff to get me back. Great experience and car is cutting edge perf at a bargain price. No tickets yet!

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