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No idea how this ride gets poor reviews logo 8/13/2015 Jay

After much deliberating between the 4Runner, Ford Explorer, V6 Subaru Outback, and the quickly dismissed Nissan XTerra, I finally decided to jump aboard the Toyota bandwagon. I absolutely love this thing. Everything about it. Well, except a few things: I'm not a fan of the eco-drive, which cannot be disabled (if my research has proven anything). I'd rather have all six cylinders pumping 100% of the time, even at the cost of losing a few mpg. The power just feels like it lags a little bit, but then again, I did just come off a V8 Mustang... I digress. Speaking of mpg, my average mpg is very solid! From (odometer) 5,000-10,000 miles in the vehicle with approximately 10% off-roading, 50% city, 40% highway miles, I averaged 19.5 mpg - not bad for a 4x4. Another little nitpick I have is the 4x4 electronic knob - I mean, come on. If you have read any review at all on this ride, then of course you know about squirrely handling - that is on pavement. Sure it may not hug corners like a car; sure it may have more body rolling action than a Beyonce music video; and sure, I think it may be just ever-so-slightly underpowered. But let's be real, no car is perfect. This was just the ride that I felt would be most dependable, most comfortable, and have the best quality for MANY years to come. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.Personal opinion warning: The vehicle is very sharp and aggressive looking; it's main purpose may be to commute several miles to and from work during the week, but unless you take it off road, you'll never even get a glimpse of just how great it really handles or why it deserves to look so aggressively appealing. PS: The "Premium" adds the sunroof, (am I going to say it? Yes, I am) high quality leatherette upholstery, and upgraded stereo at a very reasonable price.

Average Rating : 5


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