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No LEDS? or DRL? logo 7/5/2015 joewat

We just purchased a 2016 Kia Sorento SX V6 model and for the most part are really impressed with the vehicle. I could go on a write about great everything is but there are small details that I am really upset about. One of them being the lack of interior lights on the sunroof/reading lights. They do not light up and can be very hard to see at night. I know it’s small but when spend this kind of money that’s something you would expect. My 2010 VW has it. The biggest complaint has to do with the Lack of Daytime Running lights. There are none. Your options are “auto” which turns on everything when it gets dark, or you have to manually turn on your lights for daytime. Really Kia? No LEDs on a 20

Favorite Feature : Love the ride, very comfortable. Nice navigation package and the sunroof is really nice. Third row is nice too.

Suggested Improvement : There are no DRL's or LEDS on this Vehicle. This totally blows me away. Buyer beware if this is something you expect to be there like me.

Average Rating : 3.375


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