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No More! logo 3/3/2015 Tony Cruz

I bought my van with 30K miles, and now nearly 90K miles I had a major engine failure (cylinder 5 blew). Honda knows there have been problems with this particular year, yet, will not make me whole. My warranty, of course, was useless. I was over my miles by 200 miles, all highway miles en route to my father in laws funeral. They didn't do sqaut for me! Let's just say I will not be buying another honda again. They're no longer 'reliable' to me and they produced an inferior product. I've got two old Fords that are still kicking! I'll be buying American moving forward...thanks to honda.

Favorite Feature : What good are features if the damn car is not reliable!

Suggested Improvement : My impression is you have cut corners in production or something. I spent nearly $24K plus interest to buy this van on the BELIEF it would be reliable (even new used), because it was a HONDA. How foolish I was and how do I truly regret making this buy. There is something wrong with the engine in the production model and you are perfectly willing to let the consumer bear the burden for your lack of engineering effort and honesty. Forget the model, your engines are supposed to be one of the most envied, with a long history of useful life. What happened? Is the need to cut cost so strong, so needed by your shareholders, that you're willing to lose your reputation in the process?

Average Rating : 2.375


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