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No need to park the 2015 Outback out back logo 8/11/2015 Jim Walsh

The 2015 Outback is now in it's second generation as a true mid-sized cross over vehicle. The 2009 Outback was a much smaller vehicle.The 2015 Outback has plenty of room for 4 passengers, and will fit a 5th passenger is he/she doesn't mind the driveshaft tunnel jutting up from the floor in the 2nd row.The new Outback looks more mainstream than earlier models. It's easy to lose it in a lot full of SUVs and crossovers, but I think it is attractive.The standard CVT automatic and All Wheel Drive makes it easy to drive on any road -paved or unpaved. Unlike some drivers, I like the CVT. It always selects the right gear ratio for the load and speed. In normal driving, it's hard to detect the "shifting". In response to suggestions from pervious Outback owners, this CVT simulates regular automatic transmissions when accelerating briskly.If you buy a wagon for cargo carrying ability, the Outback is merely adequate. It will carry 4 large suitcases behind the rear seat, but it wont carry a 4' by 4' foot panel. I wanted to carry a 30" x 30" x 58" refrigerator in the back, but the cargo height at the tailgate is only 29". One more inch would have saved me time and a $60 delivery charge.The 2.5 litre motor is a little noisy at start-up and when accelerating hard, but when cruising the Outback is one of the quietest cruisers I have ever experienced. This motor, along with the CVT transmission delivers good MPG. My average has been 34 MPG. This is easy to track, because the Economy display of the infotainment system keeps track of your average MPG over the life of the vehicle.The electrically assisted power steering has a numb feeling, and I found myself correcting the steering more often than I think should be necessary.In summary, the 2015 Outback is not a great choice for sporty driving, but for comfortable cruising and around town commuting in any kind of weather. , it fills the bill

Average Rating : 4


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